About Maya

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, where it was common to see qigong and tai chi activities. The graceful flow of the movements was always a fascinating and calming sight. It was not until I was much older, while managing medical issues, that I discovered the real magic – the wellness and healing benefits – of these exercises.

After a decade of an informal tai chi and qigong practice, and personal study of Traditional Chinese medicine, and related topics, I made this practice ‘official” so I could share the benefits of qigong with others. I’m currently a Tier One certified instructor with Holden QiGong. 

I work with individuals and groups, to guide clients towards better health, and life balance. I personalise my private classes are for specific requirements and individual goals, such as chair-limited, or weight management, and strengthening routines.

My general goal is to share the qigong practice and philosophy with others, so that they, too, will make time for a wellness practice that improves health, provides a peaceful perspective, and helps to better manage life’s challenges.